Online Adolescence and Body Image: From Development to Preventing Dissatisfaction (Adolescence and Society) (Paperback) by Ricciardelli Lina A. Yager Zali H5fZP7od

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Body image is a significant issue for the majority of adolescents. Anxieties relating to body image can be crippling across both genders their debilitating effects sometimes leading to mental health problems. This important book is the first of its kind to focus specifically on adolescents providing a comprehensive overview of the biological psychological and socio-cultural factors relating to the development of body image. It also provides a detailed review of the measures which can be taken to address body dissatisfaction. Discussing the role of culture family peers schools sport and media in stimulating a negative body image the book also examines the different challenges faced by girls and boys as they grow. Eating disorders and body change strategies are also addressed as well as the challenges faced by youngsters affected by conditions causing visible differences such as hair loss in cancer patients.The book also presents original research including the results from a large Australian study of the body image and associated health behaviours of adolescent boys and the results of a study of current teaching practices relating to body image. Adolescence and Body Image will be ideal reading for students and researchers from a variety of fields including developmental health and social psychology sociology and cultural and health studies. Professionals working with young people whether in education health promotion or any other allied discipline will also find this book an invaluable resource.